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In the Institutional and Business Chairs, the academic activity agreed between the company/institution and the University is developed and supervised. This activity, of interest to both parties, is programmed according to the following general lines:

Training activities

  • Conferences, Seminars and Congresses.
  • Promotion of educational cooperation.
  • Cooperation in the training plans of the company/institution.
  • Internships by students from the University of Valencia in the company/institution.
  • Predoctoral and Postdoctoral grants.
  • Awards for undergraduate or postgraduate degree’s final projects.

Research Activities

  • Joint development of research lines of common interest.
  • Development of research works.
  • Development of doctoral theses, final projects (llicenciatures, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees), in cooperation with the company/institution.
  • Promotion of national and international conferences of experts on topics of interest.
  • Cooperation to achieve national and international research projects.
  • Expert advice to the entity or institution under established conditions.

Transfer and dissemination activities

  • Development of papers on the transfer of research results.
  • Organisation of conferences for technical and technological dissemination on innovative topics.
  • Collaboration in the promotion of scientific and technical congresses.
  • Promotion of publications on topics of interest.
  • Promotion of the integration of members of the university community in the environment of the company/institution
  • Organisation of cultural activities and activities for social and cultural dissemination.
  • Any other activity of interest for the signatory parties.