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Palacio de Cerveró
Plaza Cisneros, 4 | 46003 Valencia (Spain)
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Cerveró Palace

The Institute is housed in the Palacio Cerveró (Cerveró Palace), in the Barrio de la Seu (Cathedral Quarter), a short distance from the Torres de Serranos (Serranos Towers), in the historical city centre of Valencia. The building, dating from the eighteenth century, has an irregular ground plan and a typical Baroque structure consisting of lower ground floor, mezzanine, very tall first floor and upper floor. In the main facade is a moulded stone doorway crowned by an ornate Rococo heraldic panel with a coat of arms, displaying the arms of Don Ignacio Cerveró (cypress struck by two savages with maces) and the emblems of the Aznar family (two lions and an aspen leaf), the Caldés family (three cauldrons) and the Tena family (an arm brandishing a sword). Passing through the front door and crossing a half-timbered vestibule we enter a patio flanked by four arches, with an impressive staircase at the far end leading to the upper floors.
Ignacio Cerveró Aznar was the son of José Cerveró and María Aznar. He married Vicenta Caldés Tena, which is why the coat of arms over the door contains the emblems of these two families. In the nineteenth century, with the death of their son, the Cerveró line was extinguished. From that point on, the building was put to various uses: as a courthouse, a school, a private home, etc.