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  • Autors: Gimeno, Jesús; Riera, Jose V.; Morillo, Pedro; Fernández, Marcos
  • (2010).
  • Tipus de publicació: Article
  • URL Publicacio: ECT'10: A New Approach to the Management of the Setting out in Construction Based on Augmented Reality Techniques
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  • Resum:

    The setting out is the first step of construction of any building. This complex task used to be performed by means of specialized and expensive surveying equipment in order to minimize the deviation of the constructed areas from the information provided by design plans. This paper presents a new low-cost system oriented to the management of setting out in construction sites based on Augmented Reality technology. In this context, Augmented Reality allows surveying technicians to enhance the user’s view of the real-world with visual information provided by virtual objects. The proposed system consists of an Augmented Reality application connected to a hardware platform based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. The results of the proposed experiments show that the presented approach can be considered an efficient quality/cost trade-off for setting out purposes in actual construction sit