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INSTRUMENTARIUM XX1 is an innovative project whose main objective is the design, construction and validation of musical instruments for the 20th century, characterized by the hybridization between analog and digital, combining tradition, avant-garde and sustainability. The instruments, made with ecological materials, will have the possibility of amplification through an electrical-mechanical system based on low cost technology. Characteristics of these will be the ergonomics and adaptability to different ages and physical conditions, their robustness and portability. Its ability to generate new sounds and its detachment from a specific sound paradigm will facilitate the multicultural fit and the opening towards contemporary languages. The other objective is to validate the instruments created with people of all ages, through their active and inclusive participation in artistic creation processes. INSTRUMENTARIUM XX1 is conceived as an itinerant, installable, educational and cultural sound laboratory for quality creative and artistic development and that guarantees a society more committed to art and culture. Validation takes the form of plural intervention in formal, non-formal and informal educational and cultural contexts, pursuing another of the objectives, that of knowledge transfer. An investigation will be initiated that allows the improvement of benefits and actions through data obtained from the experiences of the participants.


Principal investigators:
  • Murillo Ribes, Adolf
  • PDI-Ajudant Doctor/A
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Start date
2021 January
End date
2022 December
Funding agencies:

Enmerging Groups Generalitat Valenciana

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