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Under the direction of professors Adolf Murillo & Jesús Tejada, ARTSLAB: Contemporary Artistic Education is a new collection that emerged within the University Institute of Creativity and Educational Innovations (IUCIE), of the University of Valencia, in collaboration with the Valencian publisher EdictOràlia Llibres i Publicacions, whose main objective is to generate a broad reflection and debate on artistic creativity and its development in the contemporary educational context.

It aims to become a forum that represents and amplifies the diversity of voices, approaches and contexts that, under the common denominator of a shared idea around multidisciplinary artistic creation as a tool for transformation, reinforces the concept of learning from emotion and body awareness. .

First volume: Creative Schools: Schools of Change

Coord.: Adolf Murillo, Jesús Tejada, Mª Elena Riaño, Noemy Berbel and Remigi Morant

Collects the findings, research, artistic experiences and creative processes of artists and teachers located at the forefront of education and contemporary artistic creation.

Shows us an explicit, open and collective statement to rethink the arts as a tool for transformation. A hybridization where the arts intermingle to generate new enriched forms in the artistic approach in our schools. In its chapters, we will find ideas, desires, realities, experiences from the formal, visions from the informal, new resources and forms of artistic thought, but in the sum of all these approaches there is a clear position of all the people who have written them. A shared vision that implies the urgent need to take the leap and cause a change that allows the transformation of the arts in the school.

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