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This call is intended to attend specific cases that require specialised training actions, in an area outside of the regular educational offer of the Staff Development and Educational Innovation Services (SFPIE).

The aim of these training actions is the specialization in administrative, technical or laboratory tasks, which will be substantial for the workplace or that, are considered necessary for a better practice of the tasks assigned to job posts for the Administrative staff and Services of the University of Valencia, with special attention to unique technical profiles (such as libraries, veterinary, botany, heritage, sports, audiovisuals, publications, computing, linguistics, etc.), through subsidies for the attendance to courses organised by public entities, preferably, or private ones of recognised prestige, which its aim is the theoretical and practical update of subject matters directly related with the job area which belongs to the job post of the requesting person.

No subsidies will be grant to modules, courses, subjects, or subject matters, etc., leading to university official degrees throughout the national territory, neither qualifications of universities or language courses.

Annual calls can be consulted here: