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Scholarship other organisations

  1. Premios Sandalio Miguel- María Aparicio. Fundación DOMUS
  2. IBEC International PhD Programme ”la Caixa”
  3. AWARDS InnDEA Valencia
  4. PLOTEUS (Portal on Learning Opportunities throughout the European Space)
  5. MAEC-AECID Scholarships
  6. Centro Nacional de Inverstigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC)
  7. Carolina Foundation
  8. Reina Sofia Scholarships
  9. Rafael del Pino Foundation
  10. Caja Madrid Foundation
  11. La Caixa Foundation
  12. Ford Foundation International Fellowships Programme (IFP)
  13. Fulbright programme

Premios Sandalio Miguel- María Aparicio. Fundación DOMUS

Prizes Sandalio Miguel-Maria Aparicio aim to promote research each year about gaps and needs that may be the city of Valencia, economic or jurido, Social also physical health and mint, is another topic for Infrastructure and a half environment and finally Religion, culture, education, leisure and services.

IBEC International PhD Programme ”la Caixa” · Severo Ochoa fellowships

Potential PhD candidates are invited to apply for the IBEC International PhD Programme ”la Caixa” · Severo Ochoa fellowships. The programme aims to train the next generation of researchers in bioengineering for future medicine, active ageing, and regenerative therapies.
3 PhD grants are offered by the ”la Caixa” foundation for the academic year 2016-2017. Furthermore, 6 fellowships will be offered, funded by MINECO, through the ‘Ayudas para contratos predoctorales para la formación de doctores’ 2016 call.

Useful dates: 

  • 18th January 2016: Launch of the call
  • 29th February 2016: Deadline for submission of applications
  • September-October 2016: Start of ‘La Caixa’-Severo Ochoa Fellowships
  • Approx. January 2017: Start of MINECO-Severo Ochoa Grants

More information:


AWARDS InnDEA Valencia

It is a call sponsored by the Valencia City Council aimed at selecting the best work to master and doctoral theses focused on topics of interest to Valencia, in order to support the work of university researchers and optimize their potential by developing strategies and Valencia.


To register the thesis or work order master data bank "Estudia Valencia", which should fill in the below and make it reach

The Committee on Graduate Studies wife go-ahead to the registration of research in this project comes to be sent to the Foundation Inndea.

Deadline: Open throughout the year

 PLOTEUS (Portal on Learning Opportunities throughout the European Space)

It is a European Union portal on opportunities for learning throughout Europe. The aim is to help students, job seekers, workers, parents, counsellors and teachers to find information on exchange programmes and scholarships (Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Tempus) available in European countries. Information is provided on how to apply for scholarships, who to contact, etc.

MAEC-AECID Scholarships

Scholarships from the Spanish International Cooperation Agency and International Development (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation) for both foreign and Spanish citizens for postgraduate studies (PhD programmes, PhD thesis, postdoctoral studies, research, Master’s degree programmes, specialisations, expert and others) in universities and public and private higher institutions in Spain and abroad. These scholarships are also for European studies, specialised training in cultural and heritage management, library specialisation, further art studies, research, Spanish studies, etc.

Centro Nacional de Inverstigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC)

With the aim of contributing to the development of human potential in the field of cardiovascular research, offered through this program, the financial support necessary for students to take an official Master of any Spanish University that suits their abilities and potential .

Carolina Foundation

These postgraduate scholarships are aimed at training in Spain for graduates from a member country of the Ibero-American Community of Nations. These graduates should have academic and professional skills backed by an excellent CV. The programme offers two types of support: scholarships and financial support, framed in the twelve areas of knowledge in which the Foundation carries out its activities according to the educational needs in Latin America

Reina Sofia Scholarships

These are intended for university studies and postgraduate studies in Spain. The recipients are: Spanish emigrants living abroad who have worked for at least one year before submitting the application; the spouse or children of Spanish emigrants who live abroad with Spanish nationality; orphans of emigrants who live abroad and have Spanish nationality.

Rafael del Pino Foundation

Postgraduate scholarships aimed to further studies in universities and research centres in Spain and abroad. The programme aims to train future directors, giving priority to the areas of economy and business, economic analysis of law, regulation and deregulation, and economic and analysis of law of the competition and markets.

Caja Madrid Foundation

Postgraduate scholarships aimed at university graduates residing in Spain for Master’s degree programmes, PhD programmes and postdoctoral research in Spain, the European Union and the United States. Priority areas for the Foundation include: Social and Legal areas (Economics, Law, Political Science and Sociology); Biomedical areas (Biology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine) and Technical areas (Engineering, Computer Science, Architecture).

La Caixa Foundation

Postgraduate scholarships to study in Spain, the United States, Germany (in collaboration with DAAD), Canada (in collaboration with the Foundation of Canadian Studies), China (in collaboration with Casa Asia), and the work placement/internship programme in Journalism in Spain and abroad, with the collaboration of the EFA Foundation.

Ford Foundation International Fellowships Programme (IFP)

The IFP provides financing for Master’s degree programmes and PhD studies for a period of up to three years. The programme covers tuition fees and pre-academic training, university fees, health insurance, food and basic living expenses, study materials, books and a travel allowance for the recipient.

Fulbright programme

Scholarships for postgraduate studies.