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The Master's Degree in Archaeology aims to meet the demand for professionals and researchers in archaeological disciplines by providing adequate methodological and theoretical tools for both the recognition and classification of materials, field and laboratory activities and data processing. To that end, the programme relies on accredited lecturers with a proven research background and experience in competitive projects and archaeological sites, and on cooperation with a number of professionals with experience in different areas in archaeology, including the valorisation and dissemination of results in relation with museums. In addition, the masters facilitates access to a doctoral programme in Geography and History of the Mediterranean, from the Prehistory to the Modern Age which includes educational activities intended to foster the development of the main research lines within this area.

SYLLABUS & COURSE DESCRIPTION 2018-2019 (spanish version)

SYLLABUS & COURSE DESCRIPTION 2019-2020 (spanish version)

SYLLABUS & COURSE DESCRIPTION 2020-2021 (spanish version)

SYLLABUS & COURSE DESCRIPTION 2021-2022 (spanish version)

SYLLABUS & COURSE DESCRIPTION 2022-2023 (spanish version)

SYLLABUS & COURSE DESCRIPTION 2023-2024 (spanish version)