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The global assessment of the applicant will be carried out according to the following criteria:

1. Degree of origin: Up to 40 points for a degree in Audiovisual Communication or equivalent degrees. Up to 30 points for degrees in Journalism or Advertising and Public Relations. Up to 20 points for degrees in Social Sciences or Humanities. Up to 15 points for other degrees.

2.  Average grade of the academic record in the degree of origin: Up to 10 points.

3.  Motivation letter or personal interview: Up to 10 points.

4. Professional experience in the audiovisual sector: Up to 10 points. 1 point for each full year of work experience.

5. Knowledge of languages: Up to 10 points. Per language: 1 point for a B2 accreditation. 2 points for a C1 accreditation. 3 points for a C2 accreditation. For the purpose of assessment, accreditation of the level of Valencian and Spanish, which has been established as an access requirement for foreign students with a different mother tongue, will not be considered. In the case of Spanish, a sufficient command of oral and written expression will be required.

6. Complementary training in the audiovisual sector: Up to 10 points. 1 point per training course.

7. Priority of enrolment proposed by the student: 10 points (if the Master’s degree is option 1), 5 points (if the Master’s degree is option 2) and 3 points (if the Master’s degree is option 3).

Total, maximum possible: 100 points.