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The presence of digital technology in the television and audiovisual industry is clearly a reality and one of growing importance. The launch of TDT in Spain, as well as experiences in the area of audiovisual media, multi-media and new content formats, confirms this.

In response to this new environment, the University of Valencia, in collaboration with various national and regional television channels, has organised the Masters in Audiovisual Content and Formats.

The subjects will prepare future professionals of the sector in:

  • Product analysis, design and creation, and in the languages and formats of digital communication.
  • Project creation and design: screenwriters and designers of new audiovisual projects.
  • Production, direction and dissemination of linear and/or interactive projects: content managers and directors, digital television and multi-media producers, filmmakers in new digital formats, developers of audiovisual content for multicasting.
  • Market research and analysis of consumption of the media industry: experts in analysis of media consumption.