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“To be creative, the key of this Master’s degree“

Laia Vidal Morata

23 november 2015

Laia Vidal Morata

Valencia, Spain


The first weeks of the master’s degree have been interesting, due to the classes and contents and to the great cultural variety of students, which in my opinion is a positive point because we will be able to see different points of view  of the audiovisual paradigm, as well  as other realities in all aspects.  The feeling I have since the very first moment is that there is a huge effort in making a master’s degree with a lot of professionalism for many reasons: first, because apart from the professors of the subjects we know external professionals of the sector, and this gives us a point of view out of the educational area, in addition to the opportunity of knowing great professional that do not tell how they get there, but to teach a class; which is an important difference to be pointed out.


I come from the degree in Arts, where apart from all the subjects we take (painting, sculpture, design, etc.) the most important point we focus on is the development of creativity, or the techniques to “obtain” it. I think that this is a point kinked to the Master’s degree in Audiovisual Contents and Formats. Different format, but the same concept: to be creative.


What do I expect from this master’s degree? It is complicated to know what is expected of things, on the first place, and it is the only thing I am sure about, I hope it complements my degree studies. On the other hand, more broadly, I am interested in advertising. I worked in a graphical design studio and I liked that sector, however the advertising audiovisual area catches my attention, I like the idea of a concept turned into an audiovisual piece where it is represented “with movement” , with live; this allows to do things that the vector won’t. Without disregarding, of course, the qualities of design, I am talking about complementing, not substitution. This is what this master’s degree in Audiovisual Contents and Formats offers me.

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