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“We are called to bridge the gap between audience and us: managers of audiovisual communication”

Ana Lucía Toledo

10 january 2017

Ana Lucía Toledo

Audiovisual Producer


Class 2016-2017.

I have always thought that communication bridges gaps between human beings, since it helps us to enrich ourselves with other’s ideas, knowledge and initiatives and, at the same time, we can give ours, generating a constant feedback.

This idea encouraged me to choose the Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Contents and Formats, since I was looking to complement myself as a professional. The different modules have given me a background of knowledge and tools to continue my learning, adapting it to the new demands of technology. It is necessary to create stories with commercial potential, and this master’s degree offers lots of this: the teaching staff and its experiences, the variety of modules with the different professional guests who take part in them, the infrastructure and the human warmth.

Creativity is an important element in this area, and the master’s degree often requires us to develop it, since it must always be reflected in all the processes that are a part of an audiovisual product, from its creation, production, programming and commercialisation.

We are called to bridge the cap between audience and us: the managers of audiovisual communication. This connexion is a key element in order to take society to new horizons, and it is only possible with a constant training and letting our creativity flow.