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Professors create a really familiar atmosphere that is excellent for teaching

Sergio Alberola

4 february 2016

Sergio Alberola

Valencia, Spain

My knowledges on audiovisual are rather dim; although it’s true that it is a world that has always caught my attention, both as a spectator and as a curious person to know what lies behind the curtain.

Due to lack of time and many other circumstances, I never could dedicate the needed time to instruct in the audiovisual. It wasn’t until I started the degree when I could approach for the first time to this “world”. I studied Advertising and Public Relations and during five years I had the chance of learning a bit of everything, even if it was in broad strokes.

For me, advertising is my everyday life. I have been taught to think as if I were part of it. When I imagine, develop, etc., I add advertising in everything; is an essential tool, an utility knife. For me, everything is advertising, everything has a meaning that, supported with some strategic movements of corporate image, makes it in a recipe for success.  Unfortunately, I have a very theoretical basis, I don’t know how to use media, their techniques and tools to develop the advertising utopia I have in my head. I wish I was taught how to use properly tools such as cameras, Adobe, etc. during my degree studies. Everything I know I learned it by myself, asking friends for help, with Youtube, etc. Maybe this is the reason why I wanted to take the master’s degree in Audiovisual Contents and Formats. I wanted to learn more about the audiovisual world, beyond papers, “I wanted to touch the reality”.

Nowadays I feel pretty comfortable in the master’s degree.  I’m not going to extend talking about the wonderful attitude of my classmates, who are responsible, largely, for making me enjoy classes but also the moments outside the university. They are an important part of the learning process. Although we’ve only had three professors until now, I can’t complain. It is not the typical university class. They want to learn from you and invite you to be “the professor of the professor”. Professors create a really familiar atmosphere that is excellent for teaching. Also, they care about the learning of their students; a prove of this are the people invited to give very useful talks in the master’s degree.

Finally, I can only add that this master’s degree is being very productive for me. I can’t stop having ideas every time I hear my professors talking. I look forward the day we start to develop individual projects. I hope that, by the end of this master, I could become part of the audiovisual  world and thank my professors and classmates for all the ideas and moments they gave me.

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