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Higher education and training activities organised by FENS (Federation of European Neuroscience Societies)

  • December 1st, 2020
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Call for ideas: Digital materials with training and educational neuroscience content

Support the development of novel online materials

The FENS Committee for Higher Education and Training invites scientists, students and established researchers from all neuroscience domains to identify topics in neuroscience training and education that are absent from or insufficiently covered in the online environment.

The proposed topics should provide added value for the neuroscience community, filling existing gaps in online neuroscience training and education.

Submission deadline: 18 December 2020


Funding available: call for Education and Training Clusters

Call closing soon

Education and Training clusters aim to foster scientific or administrative cooperation between neuroscience graduate schools in Europe. They should address new needs in the neuroscience community and respond to current challenges encountered in scientific domains.

Application deadline: 5 December 2020


Learn new technical skills

Apply to a CAJAL hands-on training course

Applications are open for two onsite course

Optogenetics, chemogenetics and biosensors for cellular and circuit neuroscience

8 - 28 March 2021 - Bordeaux School of Neuroscience, France

This course offers the opportunity to gain hands-on experience using the latest genetically encoded tools and state-of-the-art equipment for brain circuit investigation.

Extended application deadline: 7 December 2020


Bioenergetics for Brain Function

14 June - 2 July 2021 - Bordeaux School of Neuroscience, France

This course will address the different ways by which energy metabolism participates to high-order brain functions and the underlying cellular, molecular and circuit mechanisms.

Application deadline: 4 January 2021