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Master's Degree goals

The goal of this Master’s is to give a multidisciplinary specialised training in the field of neurosciences, to provide the acquisition of conceptual and technical tools for understanding  and dealing with the study of the nervous system, both normal and pathological and its interactions with other systems such as the endocrine and immune. The Master’s intends that  students learn the different levels of neural processing, from the molecular level to the systems level, and its relation with behaviour, cognition and emotion, as well as the nature of the alterations caused by pathologies and dysfunctions, so that they can apply the skills acquired to research, whether in the field of biology, or in the field of psychology, or even in biomedicine. Critical thinking and scientific rigour, methodological training and communication skills in neuroscience issues will be encouraged, but taking into consideration, at all times, the training of the student in the field of ethical, social equality, respect and democracy values.