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Artur Heras presents “No fiction. Obsolescence and permanence in Paintings” at La Nau

Artur Heras presents “No fiction. Obsolescence and permanence in Paintings” at La Nau

This is one of this season’s greatest exhibitions. Valencian artist Artur Heras exhibits his most recent work at the UV Cultural Centre La Nau, an exhibition under the title “No Fiction” which collects over 400 works (among drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures and multimedia works) which were produced during the last four years.

19 july 2016

The exhibition “No fiction. Obsolescence and permanence in Paintings”  has been organised by the UV Office of the Vice Principal for Culture in collaboration with Paz y Comedias Gallery. It is curated by Josep Salvador (curator at the IVAM). In October it will travel to Perpignan to be hosted at the “A Cent Metres du Centre du Monde” centre of contemporary art, but until 18 September it can be visited at La Nau Cultural Centre.

Artur Heras was born in Xàtiva (La Costera, Valencia) in 1945 and is, without doubt,  one of the most prestigious and recognised creators of the contemporary Valencian artistic environment. Heras was a referent of Pop Art and of the Spanish 70s New Realism during the last years of Francoism and the first years of Democracy. He did his first exhibitions in the mid-70s and ended up being the Director of the Sala Parpalló in Valencia between 1980 and 1995. This was considered as a place of Avant-Garde reference in Valencia before the creation of the IVAM (Valencian Institute of Modern Art).

He now presents “No Fiction”, an exhibition which illustrates perfectly the untiring dedication which has always characterised an artist who has achieved to develop and re-invent himself throughout his fruitful career. Even today, that he is 70, he achieves to transmit such characteristic, his way of thinking and his works.

The term “No Fiction” finds its origin in the literary world. It was used for the first time by authors who wanted to give value to a literary genre which mixed fundamental truths of the journalism scope and the subjectivity of literary stories. Authors such as Truman Capote, Norman Mailer or Tom Wolfe were its main representatives. After decades, Artur Heras takes up this concept to record that the non-fiction is and will also be an extremely interesting topic for painters. In general, we can affirm that non-fiction is the distinguishing feature of the painting genre and that it constitutes the true statute. Hence, the exhibition can be considered as a vindication of painting and its validity decades after many art critics had proclaimed its ending.

Heras is a very cultivated artist and, as a consequence, his works include many references to transcendental moments and people within the History of Art and the recent Social and Political History. His creations include references, for example, to Ernesto “el Che” Guevara or to Nazism, and many more.

This becomes a very efficient claim to attract the spectator immediately as it activates his curiosity and ability to reflect at the same time it allows him to penetrate into a world of textures and painting resources (this is possible thanks to the canvas’ big dimensions). This leads the spectator to a trap thought to seduce painting and beauty lovers. In Heras’ creations, the result and process are equally important and his extrovert, direct and transgressor character make of the visit a true enjoyment


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