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First term

Day Subject Place

Monday 19 June AFTERNOON

Economic Development Theory

Classroom 3P16
Wednesday  21 June  AFTERNOON Trade and Financial Integration Classroom 3P16
Tuesday 20 June AFTERNOON Applied Statistics Classroom 3P17
Applied Econometrics Classroom 3P16
Thursday 22 June AFTERNOON Institutions and Economic Development Classroom 3P16


Second term

Day Subject Place

Monday 26 June AFTERNOON

Food and Agriculture

Classroom 3P16
Tuesday 27 June AFTERNOON

Development and Projects Management Aid

Classroom 3P16
Wednesday 28 June AFTERNOON Economic Development in Africa, Asia and Latin America Classroom 3P16
Thursday 29 June AFTERNOON Globalisation, Offshoring and Inequality Classroom 3P16

The classrooms 3P16 i 3P17 are located in Departament de Análisis Económico in the Facultat d'Economia Building