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Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering has its precedents in the old specialty of Electrical, Electronic and Informatics pertaining to the licenciatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree) in Physics (1975 curriculum). This structure was maintained for almost twenty years. The subjects making up this specialty were taught mostly by professors of the then Department of Electronics and Informatics and conferred to the student who

opted for this field (more than 50% in each course) a technological and professional character that allowed him to enter the labour market quickly.

Due to the introduction of new degrees, under the aegis of the University Reform Law at the University of Valencia during the 1993-94 academic year, were launched, while the former Licenciatura (pre-EHEA undergraduate degree) in Physics modified five new titles, by transforming specialties that had been giving in particular Electronics Engineering, Licenciatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree) in Physics, Computer Engineering, Diplomatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree) in Optics and Optometry and Telecommunications Engineering (Electronic Systems specialty).

The general guidelines of the curriculum leading to Electronics Engineering Qualification were regulated in the Royal Decree 1424/1991 (amended by Resolution of July 24, 2000, BOE 18/08/2000) in which the corresponding university qualification was established.

Situation and perception of the Electronic Engineering studies evolved parallel to the development of the University of Valencia and now what is intended with the Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering is the adaptation of these studies to the guidelines of the European Higher Education.