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Credit transfer and recognition

Credit transfer

In your official academic record of current studies, credit transfer includes all the credits obtained in previous official studies at the University of Valencia or another university that have not led to obtaining an official qualification and cannot be recognised in your current degree.

These transferred subjects are not calculated in the GPA (grade point average).
The transfer is not applied in the case of simultaneous studies.

Credit recognition

Credit recognition occurs when a university accepts the credits earned in official studies at the University of Valencia or another university so that they can be counted towards other studies in order to obtain an official degree.

Likewise, credit recognition may also apply to other official higher education studies or university studies leading to other degrees referred to in Article 34.1 of the Organic Law 6/2001, of 21 December, of Universities.

In addition, accredited work-related and professional experience may be recognised as credits to obtain an official degree if this experience is related to the competences of the degree.

However, a Master’s degree final project cannot receive credit recognition.


The procedure for the recognition or transfer must start with the student submitting the electronic application mid University of Valencia.

Podrá solicitar el reconocimiento y la transferencia de créditos en el momento de la matrícula, salvo que se trate de admisión con estudios oficiales parciales, en cuyo caso debe consultar con la Secretaria del Centro.


The dean/director of the faculty/school, upon report from the Academic Coordinating Committee of the Master’s degree programme, shall resolve this matter within three months.

Legislative regulations