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Description and characteristics

The Master's Degree in Human Rights, Democracy and International Justice was created on the proposal of the Institute of Human Rights of the University of Valencia, and is an ambitious programme designed to contribute, from the university sphere, to the promotion and education of shared universal values​​.

The world situation, after more than 60 years since the adoption of the Declaration of Human Rights, continues to prove the need for further protection and defence of human rights, a challenge that, despite its age, is still very relevant today.

Indeed, the promotion of Human Rights, Democracy and International Justice through education helps promote values​​, beliefs and attitudes that encourage all people to defend their rights and the rights of others, precisely because these rights and values ​​are the foundation of a peaceful and democratic coexistence, very needed nowadays to successfully face the many challenges of the globalised and multicultural world in which we live.

The Master's Degree in Human Rights, Democracy and International Justice of the University of Valencia is a postgraduate programme that takes place over one academic year divided into two semesters.

In the first semester, and through the compulsory modules, students will acquire the tools, both theoretical and methodological, needed to make good use of the successive subjects. In the second semester, through the optional modules, students will be able to tailor their studies to their future interests, whether these are aimed at an academic research career or, on the contrary, to professional practise.

To obtain the Master's degree, both paths will come together necessarily for the preparation of the Master's degree thesis. Through this research work, which will be supervised to ensure academic quality, students will have the opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge acquired during the postgraduate programme.

Besides the education received in the different modules, we offer our students a full programme of seminars which offer opportunities for reflection and analysis with professionals and experts in the field of Human Rights coming from different national and foreign universities and human rights institutions.