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The philosophy of the Master’s in Social Economy is to train professionals for carrying out their activities in the field of Social and Cooperative Economy, with a double nature: first, to improve the skills levels of the professionals that currently are working in this type of organisations, and second, to train new professionals (university graduates) who are willing to work in these organisations. 

The general objective of the Master’s Degree in Social Economy is to train professionals and researchers in Social Economy in its two profiles, the one from Cooperatives and Labour Society and the one of Non-profit organisations, through the study of the multiple areas that makes up the functioning of these types of entities. It has a dual purpose:

  • As professional Master’s is addressed to the training of staff that is working in Social Economy companies and wants to improve: to graduates, who wish to join Social Economy companies.
  • As research Master’s (Doctoral Studies), is addressed to university graduates, who wish to train themselves in topics related to Social Economy.

The Valencian Community is one of the communities of the Spanish state with the largest number of these types of organisations, especially agricultural cooperatives, credit unions, workers’ cooperatives, worker-owned companies, placement companies, associations and foundations, etc. In this sense, the Master’s through IUDESCOOP and CIRIEC-Spain has a close and constant relationship with a significant number of these entities and with its representative associations, both in the professional and research level. These relationships result in:

  • Participation of renowned professionals in the field of Social Economy in the teaching activities of the Master’s: professors of the Master’s and participation in seminars and conferences.
  • The possibility of doing the Master’s work placements in organisations of Social Economy tutored by professionals and directors that manage these companies.
  • The completion of research works of the Master’s focused on real cases of Social Economy organisations.