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Aims of the Master's

The degree of the Master's Degree in Special Educatio by the University of Valencia aims to provide an academic and professional training that guarantees the ability for the development, use and evaluation of programmes and actions of interventions and advice to institutions, families and people with special needs and/or specific of educational support.

The ultimate aim is to train professionals to ensure the inclusion of school, labour and social of people in all the risk situations. 

Although the degree does not enable to exercise a regulate profession, its aim is to help the training of professionals in the following fields:


  • Therapeutic and Hearing Pedagogy Classrooms and Language in Preschool, Primary and Secondary Schools. 
  • Special Education Centres
  • Pedagogical Units in the Hospital Centres.
  • School pyschopedagogical services.
  • Psycho-pedagogical Assessment Teams.
  • Centres for Education and Resources.

Other fields:

  • Early attention
  • Occupational Workshops
  • Social and labour insertion services
  • Associations and Foundations linked to disability
  • Services to disabled people.