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Open registration for the 4th Spring University of Alzira

The Universitat de València presents the 4th edition of the Spring University of Alzira as a result of its close cooperation with the Provincial Council, the City Council of Alzira and Caixa Popular.

In this edition, the present and future of “green technologies” will be addressed. Green technologies mean applying the knowledge of different disciplines to improve the sustainability of products and productive procedures within a circular economy. This aims to protect and recover the environments and its resources.

Some of the issues that will be addressed in 9 conferences will be clean and renewable energies, electrical vehicles, biodegradable packaging, sustainable agriculture and stockbreeding, the recovery of waters and lands… The conferences will be taught by UV researchers belonging to 3 departments and 5 research institutes. The director of a technological company, who collaborates in different research projects of the Universitat, will join the conferences too.

The conferences are intended for professors, experts, students and the general public. This is the reason why they have an educational and rigorous approach.

The Universitat de València is committed with the territory and the Valencian society, and therefore promotes a new academic activity related educate, research and transfer knowledge in la Ribera Alta.


ScheduleFrom 21 march 2019 to 3 april 2019. Every day at 09:07 to 21:00.


Place Museo Municipal de Alzira (MUMA) - Calle de San Roque, 16 (Alzira)

Organized by

Vicerrectorado de Proyección Territorial y Sociedad

Diputación de Valencia

Ayuntamiento de Alzira

Caixa Popular.



Contact unitatsuport@uv.es

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