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The AFES group, officially registered as GIUV2016-310, is the continuation of the former UTPAFIDE Research Group created in 1997 by a core of teachers with common interests within the University of Valencia. The resulting research activity of this grouping has been an important part of the development of an emerging knowledge field in the context of the Spanish state. They highlight educational research on curriculum innovations in Physical Education, research on teenagers and their association with physical exercise and sport, and the evaluation of the production and dissemination of science in Physical Activity and Sport. Over time, new members and external contributors have been added, which have helped to consolidate this initial activity. In recent years, a focus of research has been delimited around the violated populations, including the people taken, the disabled and the trans, among others. The research methodology used also covers both qualitative and quantitative methodology.
On the other hand, the group performs an important research training task by participating in the teaching, direction and coordination of the "University M».ster in Research and Intervention in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport", the "University Master in Professor/a Secondary Education", the "University Master in Research in Spectatrics", the "Programme of Doctorate in Physical and Sport" and the "Programme of Doctorate in Spectastic Sciences". The group has training research staff, and is regularly attended by students from other universities, national and international, who perform research assignments. In this way, the group supports its ability to continue its research lines and to transfer scientific knowledge to the academic and professional community.

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