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Incipit. Basic course of Classic Latin Language and Culture

Incipit. Curso básico de lengua y cultura latinas

Schedule: From 8 february 2019 to 22 april 2019. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday at 00:00 to 00:00.


Place: On-line


The Service for Education and Quality (SFPIE) of the Universitat de València offers to the university community and the general public this open online course, accessible through the international platform MaríadaX for MOOC courses. The participants on the course wil have the chance to enjoy for free all the contents of the course as well as the evaluation tests.

The course Incipit, which began on 11 March 2019, is a basic course of Classic Latin language and culture created to provide basic training to those who wish to access studies of philology, as well as the basic elements for Latin History, Literature and Language to all those who are not interested in Philology but nevertheless want to expand their humanistic education. This course is especially targeted to the last courses of middle education or the first years of university studies.

The creation of this course has been carried out by Carles Padilla and Josep L. Teodoro, Professors of the Department of Classic on the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication. This course is within the call for MOOC courses, opened by the SFPIE. The production of the videos that constitute the course has been done by the technicians of the  Educative Innovation Unit of the SFPIE and the recordings have been done in their facilities.

The courses is hosted in the platform MiríadaX, the largest dissemination and impact of the MOOC in the Hispanic world, thanks to an agreement between the Universitat de València and the platform itself. With that, the MOOC produced by our university are accessible to the largest number of people possible. The students that finish their course will have the chance to obtain a certificate for the course.

The videos of this course are also available on YouTube UV-SFPIE, in the playlist MOOC: Incipit

Organized by:

Servei de Formació Permanent i Innovació Educativa (SFPIE).

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