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Vives Campus of Multilingualism. Workshops of Language and Cultures. July 2018

Tallers Llengües i Cultures de Juliol 2018

Schedule: From 28 may 2018 to 26 july 2018. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday at 00:00 to 00:00.


Place: Servei de Política Lingüística de la Universitat de València (Edifici Beatriu Civera, c. del Serpis, 29)


What is the Campus Vives of multilingualism?

The Campus Vives de Plurilingüisme is a joint initiative of the Xarxa Vives d'universitats and the Universitat de València, with the aim of offering intensive workshops in different languages and cultures to the staff and students of all the universities of the Xarxa.

These workshops are a good opportunity to get to know languages and cultures through the facilitators who speak, know and live them. For those of you who are planning an international stay, especially, it can be a good way to get to know the particularities of the culture that will welcome you.

The objectives of each workshop are to promote knowledge of the language and culture of the workshop, the values of multilingualism and the status of Valencian as a language of academic activity. The working languages, then, will be the language of each workshop and the Valencian language.

Attendance at workshops will not be certified or credit validated.

Once the workshops have begun, the facilitators will be able to propose group changes to the participants to improve their functioning, especially if very heterogeneous levels are detected.

The lack of unjustified attendance at the first session or during two consecutive or three alternating sessions leads to cancellation from the workshop. The justification, if any, for non-attendance will be presented at the first possible session to the workshop facilitator, who will decide whether or not to accept.

Who can register?

The entire university community of the Xarxa Vives, including Alumni members.

Where will the workshops be held?

In the classrooms of the Servei de Política Lingüística of the University of Valencia (Edifici Beatriu Civera, c. del Serpis, 29).

When will they be done?

From 2 to 26 July, Monday to Friday, in 90-minute daily sessions. On 13 July there will be no workshops (DELE tests).

How and when can I register?

From 28 May, on the website >.

How much does it cost?

Attendance at the workshops is free for the entire university community of the Xarxa Vives.

Organized by:

Servei de Política Lingüística




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