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Recommended Applicant’s profile

The order of the 25 November 1999, relates the different ways of access to the university through the University Entrance Examinations (PAU) with the official university degrees. The kind of Bachillerato the students chose will give them preference when entering one of the degrees that they can opt for once they have passed the University Entrance Examinations (PAU).

In order to access the Degree in Chemical  Engineering, it is advisable that the student has studied the Bachillerato on Science and Technology, studying Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Likewise, it is advisable for students of higher level education cycles of Professional Training to study those subjects. If necessary, the new students who need to have previous knowledge on Physics, Chemistry and/or Mathematics to properly follow the degree, will be offered reinforcement courses.

The student’s profile that better suits this degree includes aspects like:

- Interest for industrial procedures.

- Practical and decisive mind.

- Abstraction capability and Ability to solve problems.

- Ability to accommodate to changes.Principio del formulario

Final del formulario