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Program course 2021-2022


Informative Meeting International Programme

  • Every degree: Tuesday, 10 de November by videoconference, 10:00 h. 
  • Poster
  • If you have not been able to attend the information session, you can see it on our Youtube channel here.


Links to information about the 2021-2022 International Program


General information

Requirements to participate in the International Outgoing Program

The grants are awarded to students of the University of Valencia Degree who wish to study a semester or a complete course in universities of non-European countries.

No places will be granted for the accomplishment of works of end of degree or practices, being or not being integrated in the curricula.

To be able to participate will be required:

  1. Have passed 42 credits at the end of the course prior to the publication of the call.
  2. Be enrolled in official studies of the University of Valencia Degree, both at the time of making the application and during the period of stay.
  3. Not having been previously beneficiaries of an International Mobility Program of the University of Valencia, although it was through another degree.
  4. Not to be beneficiary in the same course of any other mobility program (SICUE or Erasmus), except for the Erasmus Practices program if it is in a different semester.
  5. To prove the level of language in the terms established in the call. More information here.
  6. Meet the specific requirements of the destinations they request.

Due to the special characteristics of some studies in the United States and Canada, the students of Economics, Law or Pharmacy can find problems to be accepted by the university of destination. In some cases, they accept them if they take subjects from other degrees. If they are not accepted they will lose the place.

The Faculty of Medicine does not participate in the International Program nor as a student transmitter or as a recipient.

Selection criteria

The applications will be prioried according to the difference between the average grade of the student's academic record and the average mark of their degree at the end of the 2019/2020 academic year.


The agreements of the International Program are not signed by degree but by university. Therefore, it is necessary to consult the web of the university of destination to make sure that the degree sought is taught, and that is offered to exchange students:

Destinations: check the list of our website  (Here you can see if the university offers your degree)

Destinations: check the list through portalumne  (Here you can see the required linguistic requirement)

NOTICE: the required language requirement is the one that appears in portalalumne (point 3 of the call)


Main news on the occasion of covid-19:

  • Face-to-face, mixed (blended learning) or virtual (online) mobility is supported.
  • To receive the scholarship it will be necessary to travel to the destination country.
  • Annual mobilities over seven months will receive the full scholarship.
  • Annual mobility of less than seven months will be considered semi-annual stays for economic purposes.
  • In one semester mobilities, the minimum period of stay to receive financial aid will be three months.

More information about the coronavirus COVID-19 here.


Contacts Degree Coordinators

Before choosing a destination, the possible academic doubts about the studies that you wish to study can be consulted with the different coordinators. Here you can find the list of academic coordinators of the University of Valencia.

Center coordinators

Each center has a center coordinator that promotes and promotes mobility and is the maximum responsible in the center. In the event of absence of your degree coordinator, the center coordinator will assume their functions. Here you can find the list of Coordinators of the Center.


International Program course 2020-2021

Indications on the programs of international mobility of the University of Valencia in the academic course 2020-21 (Informative update to 13 July 2020). If you have a scholarship awarded for the 2020-21 academic year, it is important that you read the instructions here.


Information Session July 17 International Program 2020-21:

If you could not attend the information session you can see it on our youtube channel here


Links to information about the 2020-2021 International Program



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