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Are you looking for employability? Do you like technology and want to be at the cutting edge? Do you want a job capable of offering you the chance of specialising and learning while working? You don’t like overcrowding and want to study in a high-quality public university? This webpage may be the beginning of your future.

In the last years, technological advances have grown exponentially. You only have to go 20 years back in time to notice some changes that have had a direct impact on our way of life. The Internet, robotics, geolocation systems, wireless communication, artificial intelligence, digitation of contents and non-intrusive sensors are some of the new technologies that have allowed us to improve noticeably the efficiency of businesses, hospitals and government entities.

Currently, the productivity of businesses relies on computing. As a consequence, many jobs belong now to the technology sector. This is the perfect undergraduate degree for you, either if you want to become an engineer for Google, to manage the database of Microsoft Windows, to programme Android apps, to work on the Amazon shopping interface, to manage cloud services or to develop programmes for a family business.

Computing is considered as a broad spectrum degree, which is why it offers multiple specialities and variations. In the ETSE-UV, we offer you the opportunity of acquiring the common core of knowledge of all these specialities. Besides, we are compromised with your working future and aim to offer you a practical guidance, small laboratory groups (15-20 students), modern technologies, high-qualified faculty and pioneering teaching methods. For the businesses it is not only about your knowledge, but about your capacity.