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  • 150 square meters, on the ground floor of the Management Unit building.
  • Workout activities, bodybuilding and dancing.


Other premises:

Sports facilities of Burjassot Council

By means of an agreement signed with the Council, the municipal facilities can be used with reduced rates freely or under the schemes of the Physical Education and Sports Service. The facilities include 3 tennis courts, 1 basketball court,1 mini-basketball court, 1 five-a-side football court, 1 indoor room, 1 football pitch and an athletics track.

Sports centre of Burjassot Council

Some of the activities offered by the Physical Education Services are held at the municipal premises (aerobics, volleyball, bodybuilding, competitions...).

Indoor swimming pool, Burjassot Council 

C/ Dr Moliner junction with Sixto Cámara. Phone 96 3634506

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