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1st year

Coordination: Ana Belén Cabrejas Peñuelas
Total credits: 60 |  Mandatory: 24 Basic training: 36
Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
35319History and culture of English-speaking countries6BasicCheck info
35324English language 26CompulsoryCheck info
35331English phonology6CompulsoryCheck info
35333Introduction to English literature6CompulsoryCheck info
35334Practical criticism applied to English literature6CompulsoryCheck info
35660Norms and correct usage of Spanish6BasicCheck info
35661Catalan language6BasicCheck info
35663Latin 16BasicCheck info
35664Literary theory6BasicCheck info
35735English language 16BasicCheck info

2nd year

Coordination: María Gaviña Costero
Total credits:48 |  Mandatory: 36 Basic training: 12
Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
35325English language 36CompulsoryCheck info
35326English language 46CompulsoryCheck info
35332English morphology and lexis6CompulsoryCheck info
35335English theatre from the 19th to the 21st centuries6CompulsoryCheck info
35336English narrative in the 20th and 21st centuries6CompulsoryCheck info
35341American literature I: from the origins to the 19th century6CompulsoryCheck info
35355Philosophical thought in English-speaking countries6BasicCheck info
35665Linguistics6BasicCheck info
Elective subjects0Optatiu

3rd year

Coordination: Miguel Teruel Pozas
Total credits: 60 |  Mandatory: 48 Optional: 12
Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
35327English language 56CompulsoryCheck info
35328English language 66CompulsoryCheck info
35337English poetry in the 20th and 21st centuries6CompulsoryCheck info
35338Nineteenth-century English literature6CompulsoryCheck info
35342American literature II: from the 19th to the 21st centuries12CompulsoryCheck info
35347English syntax6CompulsoryCheck info
35349History of the English language6CompulsoryCheck info
Elective subjects12Optatiu

4th year

Coordination: Vicent Cucarella Ramón
Total credits: 48 |  Mandatory: 30 Optional: 18 TFG: 12
Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
35329English language 76CompulsoryCheck info
35330English language 86CompulsoryCheck info
35339English literature in the 17th and 18th centuries6CompulsoryCheck info
35340Medieval and 16th century English literature6CompulsoryCheck info
35348Acquisition and teaching of English as a foreign language6CompulsoryCheck info
35354Degree Final Project in English Studies12Final degree projectCheck info
Elective subjects18Optatiu

Elective subjects

Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
35322Recent developments in Linguistics6ElectivesCheck info
35323Recent developments in the literary theory6ElectivesCheck info
35343General translation in English6ElectivesCheck info
35344Translation of English literary and audio-visual6ElectivesCheck info
35345English for specific purposes6ElectivesCheck info
35346English language work placement6ElectivesCheck info
35350Monographic course in English linguistics6ElectivesCheck info
35351Discourse analysis in English6ElectivesCheck info
35352Monographic course in English literature6ElectivesCheck info
35425Slavic literatures6ElectivesCheck info
35427Greco-Latin Literature6ElectivesCheck info
35438Russian language 16ElectivesCheck info
35440Greek I6ElectivesCheck info
35441Greek II6ElectivesCheck info
35442Latin II6ElectivesCheck info
35443Latin III6ElectivesCheck info
35444Greco-Roman religion and mythology6ElectivesCheck info
35730German language 16ElectivesCheck info
35731French language 16ElectivesCheck info
35732Italian language 16ElectivesCheck info
35733Arabic language 16ElectivesCheck info
35734Chinese Language 16ElectivesCheck info
35736Portuguese language 16ElectivesCheck info
35738English language 36ElectivesSubject not offered the academic year 2024-2025
35742Spanish morphology6ElectivesCheck info
35743Contemporary Spanish readers6ElectivesCheck info
35744Spanish phonetics and phonology6ElectivesCheck info
35745SinSpanish syntax6ElectivesCheck info
35746Contemporary Spanish-American readers6ElectivesCheck info
35747Formal oral communication in the Catalan language6ElectivesCheck info
35748Catalan syntax6ElectivesCheck info
35749Catalan morphology6ElectivesCheck info
35750Medieval and modern Catalan literature6ElectivesCheck info
35751Contemporary Catalan literature6ElectivesCheck info
35752German language 26ElectivesCheck info
35753German language 36ElectivesCheck info
35754German language 46ElectivesCheck info
35755Literature and culture in the German language 16ElectivesCheck info
35756Literature and culture in the German language 26ElectivesCheck info
35757Arabic language 26ElectivesCheck info
35758Arabic language 36ElectivesCheck info
35759Arabic language 46ElectivesCheck info
35760Literature and culture in the Arabic language 16ElectivesCheck info
35761Literature and culture in the Arabic language 26ElectivesCheck info
35762French language 26ElectivesCheck info
35763French language 36ElectivesCheck info
35764French language 46ElectivesCheck info
35765Literature and culture in the French language 16ElectivesCheck info
35766Literature and culture in the French language 26ElectivesCheck info
35767Italian language 26ElectivesCheck info
35768Italian language 36ElectivesCheck info
35769Italian language 46ElectivesCheck info
35770Literature and culture in the Italian language 16ElectivesCheck info
35771Literature and culture in the Italian language 26ElectivesCheck info
35772Portuguese language 26ElectivesCheck info
35773Portuguese language 36ElectivesCheck info
35774Portuguese language 46ElectivesCheck info
35775Literature and culture in the Portuguese language 16ElectivesCheck info
35776Literature and culture in the Portuguese language 26ElectivesCheck info
35777Chinese language 26ElectivesCheck info
35778Chinese language 36ElectivesCheck info
35779Introduction to the Japanese language6ElectivesCheck info
35780Literatures of East Asia 26ElectivesCheck info
35781Linguistic typology of the languages of East Asia6ElectivesCheck info
35786Literature (2nd language): German6ElectivesCheck info
35787Literature (2nd language): Arabic6ElectivesCheck info
35788Literature (2nd language): French6ElectivesCheck info
35789Literature (2nd language): Italian6ElectivesCheck info
35791Literature (2nd language): Portuguese6ElectivesCheck info
35792Literatures of East Asia I6ElectivesCheck info
35793Catalan literature6ElectivesCheck info
35794Reading of Spanish classics6ElectivesCheck info