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If you are registering for the university entrance examinations (PAU) for the first time:

You need to register at your secondary school.

To improve your mark:
If you would like to try to improve the mark of previous university entrance examinations (PAU) you can register at your secondary school

If the student is from another autonomous community, please go the Student Information Service at the University of Valencia (Avda. Blasco Ibáñez, 13. 46010 Valencia). The enrolment period in this case is from 6 to 17 May.(for June). 17 to 21 June (for July).


Registration dates

June 2019: 24 to 30 May 
July 2019: 25 to 27 June 

Registration fees

Ordinary: 78,20 €
Large Family General: 39,10 €
Large Family Special: Exempt

Protocol disabled

See the working protocol for special educational needs in the PAU.

Center for Court

Distribution  of centers by Court

PAU 2013 Schedule