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These formalities and procedures will be able to request by the person interested or that to the one who authorise by writing (model of permission); except the delivery of the Title.

Instance General

Accés and Admission

University entrance examinations (PAU), PAU >25, PAU >40, PAU >45, University studies finalised (Spanish or foreigners recognised), Pre-enrolment, Access with studies already started, Course of Adaptation for degree (for graduates), Renunciation to the enrolment


Re-entry to Degree Studies, Exemption of the permanence regulations, Part-time enrolment, Credit transfer and recognition, Enrolment Modification or Extension, Moving exam attempts to an earlier date, Aptitude text/Tutored courses (foreign degrees qualifications), Submission and assessment of the Degree Final Proje, Enrolment cancelation due to force majeure circumstances, Refound of fees

Officials degree and Certificates

Request and collection of official degree, European Diploma Suplement (SET), Certificates of  Degree Admission, Enrolment, School Assurance, Enrolment Fee, Academician, collated and certified copy of documents