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2021-2022 Academic Year

Every year the Ministry of Education awards various types of grants for university students.

Text of the public call

Resolution, the Secretary of State for Education, Training and Universities, which are called general grants for the academic year 2021-2022, for students of university.

To be eligible you must

  • Not be in possession or be in legal disposition to obtain a degree of the same or higher level corresponding to the studies in which you are applying for a grant.
  • Meet the basic requirements established in the Royal Decree 1721/2007 and those set forth in this call.
  • Be enrolled in any of the university system programmes as listed in Article 3 of this call.
  • Be a Spanish citizen, or have EU-nationality.

In the latter case, you or a member of your support system must be working in Spain. If you are a non-EU student, the regulations of rights and responsibilities of foreigners in Spain and their social integration shall apply.

Eligible study programmes

Grants are awarded to an undetermined number of recipients in the following study programmes:

  • University studies adapted to the European Higher Education Area leading to official undergraduate and Master’s degrees.
  • University studies leading to a licenciado (5-year degree), engineering degree, architecture degree, diplomado (3-year degree), maestro (3-year teaching degree), 3-year technical engineering degree and 3-year architecture degree.
  • Preparatory course taught at public universities for university access for students over 25.
  • Additional training course for access to a Master’s degree, undergraduate or licenciatura.

Not included in this grant are PhD studies, specialisation studies or university-specific degrees.

Submission deadline

August 2021 to October 14th


National level


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Very important notice

Recipients of the Ministry of Education grant for this year are reminded that in accordance with regulations, the grant will not be awarded to those in the following situations:

  • Having cancelled enrolment.
  • Not taking the exam in at least one third of the enrolled credit hours in ordinary and extraordinary calls.

In such events the grant must be refunded.