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The origin of the Technologies of the Information and Communication (IT) that nowadays allow society to be connected regardless of the place of the world they are, to do the shopping while sitting on their sofas, to complete the annual tax returns, administrative procedures, manage big teams, etc., has been thanks to Telematics.

If you would like to be an expert professional able to meet the technic necessities in the field of the IT, the ESTE-UV offers the Degree in Telematics Engineering. Moreover, this degree has been designed with a wide range of subjects common to other technical degrees that are taught at the school with the aim to provide cross-disciplinary activities as well as a complete training towards the world of work. Throughout the four academic years that compose this degree is to foster problem-solving with the aim to apply the knowledge acquired.

When finishing this degree in the ETSE-UV, you will be perfectly prepared to enter the world of work, both in the private sector and public sector, and you will be able to be in charge of directing engineering projects in the field of the IT, designing systems and fix or mobile communication networks, managing Telecommunication services in different business scope such as, services and web applications for e-commerce. Moreover, you would be able to become technical judicial evaluator for computer and telematics crimes, scientific police collaborator (ICS), judicial researcher of technical crimes, or security auditor in companies, among many other things.

You should not forget that this degree entitles you to perform the regulated profession of Technic Engineer of Telecommunications.