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AS4EDI19 completes requirements analysis work and enters interoperability testing phase

  • December 1st, 2020
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AS4EDI19 project members have completed the requirement analysis and their solution designs for the initiative and are about to enter the next phase of the action, in which they will carry out the CEF conformity and connectivity tests and the interoperability tests between them.

During the requirement analysis and solution design activity, each Access Point has identified the technical and functional requirements of the project. In addition, it has presented a solution design that takes into account the eDelivery AS4 messaging protocol AS4 specifications and the objectives of the CEF eDelivery building block.

Therefore, the AS4EDI19 consortium continues to make progress in its implementations. With the conclusion of the analysis phase, it will begin to carry out interoperability tests and, with CEF, conformity and connectivity tests.

The CEF eDelivery solution consists of a network of nodes in which each participant becomes a node; thus, businesses, public administrations and citizens can exchange data and electronic documents securely. The AS4EDI19 consortium consists of IRTIC, LMT Group, Crediflow, Tickstar, Qvalia, Net4market and mySupply.

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