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Partners of EURINV19 reach the interoperability phase of the initiative

  • March 4th, 2021
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Partners of EURINV19 have started the Interoperability Tests stage of the project. Several of them have already successfully exchanged invoices compliant with the European elnvoicing standard (EN) with other members of the consortium, so the initiative is a step closer to its completion.

EURINV19 project focuses on updating the electronic invoicing cloud platforms of 5 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) providers to become fully compliant with the EN required syntaxes (UBL and CII). Moreover, it also aims to implement elnvoicing solutions compliant with the EN in 4 end-users (public and private entities).

After passing the CEF eInvoicing Conformance Testing, part of the participants are ready to perform the Consortium Interoperability tests for cross-border transactions. The validation process of this last task consists in checking that the different Access Points of the consortium have correctly exchanged and processed the electronic invoices.

The European Commission funds this initiative through the CEF Telecom programme (Action number 2019‐EU‐IA‐0037). Universitat de València, LMT Group, Elcom, SATA, Trinity College, NetEDI, Generix Group France, Crediflow, Qvalia, Transalis, Easy Systems, Tatra Billing, Carrefour France and Althea participate in the project.

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