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The RTG Crane Simulation System of the Modelling and Simulation Laboratory is an advanced system that will allow developing a comprehensive training programme for handling cranes of RTG type.

Updated version November 2017 (here)


A RTG Crane is a large gantry crane, which can travel on both rails and tires. When RTG cranes run on rails, they have a limited range of operations because it can only operate on its rails. On tires they have a wider operating range.
RTG Cranes are used for loading and unloading of containers on trucks or wagons or to put containers one above the other.
Simulation System developed by the Laboratory for Simulation and Modelling (LSyM) is a complete system that incorporates the latest technologies used in the field of simulation for training, including projection equipment from high performance to the necessary training materials for learning development and training of the operators of your company.
The RTG crane is used in container terminals for cargo management at these terminals. To the inherent difficulty of working with containers, is added in this case the crane manoeuvre down the street and the necessary attention to truck traffic on the existing terminal.
Information of our simulator:
  • Cabin located on platform with 6 DOF
  • Realistic Console control
  • Instructor console with total control of the simulation
  • Digital sound effects from the real environment
  • Projection system with three high-resolution screens, one front and two lateral.
Main features:
  • Boot sequence and stop the actual crane
  • Loading and unloading a truck
  • Removals
  • Working with and without trimming
  • Control of the twist-locks
  • Working with containers of 20 and 40 feet
  • Working in manual and automatic mode
  • User and instructor information on the screen
  • Status information window of the crane and operation commands
  • Spinning Wheel for street changing
  • Correction of the direction of travel on the street
Special conditions:
  • Weather: wind, rain....
  • Bed stream accidents simulation in terminal
  • Realistic response to collisions
Some pictures of our simulator:




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Start date
2014 February
End date
2015 January