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Graduate in Psychology and Doctorate on Decision Making from the University of Valencia (Spain), Master in Communication at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (Spain), Master in Strategic Consulting at the University of Valencia (Spain).

Professor at the University of Valencia (Spain) profile "Traffic and Road Safety", attached to the Department of Basic Psychology, Faculty of Psychology.

Researcher and Director of the Institute of Traffic and Road Safety at the University of Valencia (INTRAS) and Director of the Research Group DATS (Development and Advising in Traffic Safety), all belonging to the University of Valencia. 

It also is a Research Member of the Laboratoire de psychologie "Processus de pensée et interventions" (PPI) of L'UNAM (Université Nantes Le Mans Angers) Pôle de Recherche et d'enseignement supérieur (public establishment of scientific cooperation).

He is currently principal advisor of the National Institute of Traffic and Land Transportation (INTRANT) of the Government of Dominican Republic, developing the Regulations that derive from Law 63-17 of Mobility, Land Transportation, Transit and Road Safety and the National Strategic Safety Plan.

He is, also, member of the Council and the Permanent Board of INTRAS, member of the Council of the Department of Basic Psychology, Consulting Member of the Traffic Council of Valencian Community., Member of the Road Safety of the Sustainable Mobility Board of the City of Valencia, and invite member of Board of Directors of INTRANT (CODINTRANT).

Previously, among other positions he has held the posts of: Member of the Scholar Committee of Valencia Community, Interuniversity Council of Valencia Community, Member of the Senate of the University of Valencia, Governing Council of the University of Valencia, Economic Commission of the University of Valencia, Member of the Faculty Board of Psychology, Member of the Council and Steering Committee of Department of Methodology, Psychobiology and Social Psychology, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, INTRAS Deputy Director, INTRAS Secretary, Researcher at General Directorate of Institutional Relations and at  General Directorate of Planning and Studies Presidency Office at the Regional Government of Valencia, Director of Studies and Programs of "Education Initiatives and Road Safety", Member of Governing Board of Children's Traffic Park of the Circuit Ricardo Tormo of Valencia, Member of Governing Board of Children's Traffic Park of Viveros of the Valencia City Council, Patron of the Foundation for the Promotion of the Culture of Prevention of Road Safety at Valencian Community, Research Director of "Attitudes" (Social Program Audi).

AS A TEACHER, since 1996, has been teaching various subjects at 8 degrees between BA, MA and undergraduate studies in more than 20 postgraduate courses and masters (of which 12 of them is or has been Director) and 5 doctoral programs, belonging to the University of Valencia and 11 other universities (and is currently the director of one of them: Doctoral Program in Traffic and road Safety of INTRAS of the University of Valencia).

He has taught over 100 courses for students and / or professionals (such as local police, teachers, educators), and the general public, especially workers particularly in the context of prevention of occupational hazards of traffic.

He has participated in 14 training projects, primarily as a director thereof, which has developed the training design, training of trainers, materials and in some cases the systems and processes for evaluating them.

Some of the above "courses" and "training projects" have been made ​​with the training programs and tools developed as part of his research work as in the case of programs, computer software, audiovisual parts and simulators driving.

He has published 3 educational books and 30 book chapters. He has also done some educational guides and other materials related to teaching.

He has participated in numerous committees of academic organization of degrees and higher education (both at departmental, faculty, university and inter-university levels).

He has member of numerous committees for hiring teachers at the University of Valencia of the Departments of Methodology, Psychobiology, Social Psychology and Basic Psychology, as well as the hiring of researchers at INTRAS.

AS A RESEARCHER, since 1991, he has participated in more than 150 advice, research, development and innovation projects for numerous public administrations, institutions and companies, which mostly has played the role of project manager.

He has published over 50 scientific and popular books and 7 book chapters. He has also published 11 computer applications (on CD or DVD) and 11 audiovisual works most of them related to traffic and road safety. It also has more than 70 articles published in scientific journals and popular science. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of 7 scientific journals and reviewer of 53 more.

He has participated in more than 150 scientific and informative conferences with more than 200 contributions (presentations, papers, roundtables, posters) that many have been made by order. It has also participated in the organization of 10 Congress as a member of the Committee scientist/organizer.

He has participated in the selection process and has conducted numerous training places of research staff (collaboration and research scholars), as well as researchers.

He has directed 15 doctoral thesis and one of MA have been read with the qualification of cum-laude (three of them with European mention), and directs other 6 that are currently underway. He has also been director of many research papers. He has also participated as a member of the Court of 11 theses and more than 40 research papers as a member of the Court of the DEA (Diploma of Advanced Studies) of the doctoral programme Traffic and Road Safety.

He has been or is currently a member of the jury of various awards such as: · 3M Foundation Awards for Innovation in the category of Safety, Road Safety Journalistic Award Fundación Línea Directa, Journalistic Award of the Local Police Foundation of Valencia.

His person and the works and institutions with which he has worked have received some important awards product of its activity.

AS A POPULARIZER/COMMUNICATOR, he has participated in more than 60 programs and news of more than 30 radio stations and 14 different televisions. Likewise some of his "statements", sometimes product of press conferences he has done (some also with the role of "spokesperson") have been collected by more than 45 written publications (magazines and daily press) and more than 50 web media.

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