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The automobile industry has to its credit, among other things, to generate more of the 6% of the GDP national industry, to explain the 22% of exportation and to generate 240,000 direct jobs, but it has a terrible debit. Traffic accidents define a pandemic with authentic figures of war. Every day 4,000 people die on the roads of the world each year, five of them in Spain. For each of these mortal victims is estimated that there are four wounded with injuries that produce permanent disability, such as the brain and spinal cord damages, data which grows brutally in the middle and low income countries, where with less than the half vehicles of the world occur the 90% of the mortal victims of traffic accidents. A pandemic that far from being shortened it is estimated that will still grow in coming years.

To avoid that accidents become the fourth cause of death at global level, as the World Health Organisation predicts, it is necessary to develop preventive actions and count on all the agents and sectors implied in the traffic phenomenon, precisely the generic objective and approach of PRECOVIR.