The Faculty of Physics convenes the 18th Experimenta fair to promote science and dissemination among pre-university students

  • Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit
  • October 24th, 2022
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Baccalaureate, ESO and training students can register until February 5 for the Experimenta 2023 Physics and Technology Experiments and Demonstrations Fair-Competition, convened by the Faculty of Physics of the University of Valencia for the next April 2 at the Science Museum of Valencia.

The Experimenta Fair-Contest encourages students to get involved in science by working on experimental STEM projects (acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Individually, or in groups of a maximum of four members, students carry out these projects under the supervision of a teacher from their school. Once completed, they are exhibited and explained to the visiting public, highlighting the relationships between natural phenomena and technological applications, that is to say, between physics and technology. It is common for this science festival to involve between 70 and 90 different projects, around 400 people and more than 4,000 visitors.

The first edition of this fair-competition was in 2005 on the occasion of the World Year of Physics. This one had, and has, the intention of approaching the younger audience in an active and creative way. The success of the event made it an annual event.

Experimenta is also a competition in which different honorable mentions and a total of five prizes are awarded to students. Four prizes of 300 euros, corresponding to each category and subcategory, and a prize of 200 euros for the project most voted by the visiting public. Faculty with award-winning projects will also receive prizes in the form of experimental teaching materials. The jury values the quality and originality of the projects, but above all that the students have bought their work and are able to explain it clearly.

At a later date, an exhibition of the awarded projects will take place, in which videos will be recorded of the students explaining these projects. The videos and accompanying materials will be published as educational and dissemination materials on the Internet, to spread the work of secondary schools and to encourage other groups to do experiments and enjoy science first-hand.

Fira The Experimenta Fair has the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Innovation (FECYT-MICIN) through a competitive project, the Science Museum of Valencia, the City Council of Valencia, the Institute of Corpuscular Physics (IFIC), the Royal Spanish Physics Society and the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit, among others.


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