Students of Unisocietat discover the Valencian territory

  • Office of the Vice-Principal Sustainability, Cooperation and Healthy Life
  • April 26th, 2018
El alumnado de UNISOCIETAT conoce el territorio valenciano
Una de las visitas formativas de Unisocietat durante el curso 2017-18.

The first formative trip took place on Friday 27 of April. Other guided visits will occur along May and June. Students will have the chance to discover Requena, Terres dels Alforins, la Canal de Navarrés, Bocairent, Sagunt, Alpuente and Aras de los Olmos.

The Office of the Vice-principal for Territorial projection and Society has organised formative visits to several Valencian areas aiming to expand the knowledge of Unisocietat students on the cultural and natural heritage of the Valencian territory. The Vice-principal Jorge Hermosilla indicated that this initiative is intended to promote “collective learning based on experiences through fieldwork. This allows students to exchange knowledge, and promotes dialogue and collective reflection.”

The first trip took place on Friday 27 of April.  The students of Unisocietat-Alzira visited Requena. In this formative initiative, students will count with a specialised guide. They will walk around the city centre and visit Torre del Homenaje, the Cuevas, the Wine Museum... In addition, they will taste typical products of the Meseta de Requena-Utiel in a local winery.

The students of Cullera (May 2) and La Eliana (June 1 and 8) will discover Terres dels Alforins. There, they will join a guided tour to Bastida de les Alcusses and the Historical and Ethnological Museum of Font de la Figuera. They will taste Celler del Roure wines in Moixent.

Paterna and Quart de Poblet will discover the landscape of Canal de Navarrés on May 4 and 10 respectively. There, they will go to the Ecological Museum of Bicorp, the Palace Condes de Cervellón and the coastal lagoon of Anna.

On May 11, Benetússer students will visit Bocairent. There, they will walk around the classical alleys of the medieval quarter. The programme of the trip includes a visit to the Covetes dels Moros and the subterranean névés of Cava de Sant Blai. The trip will end in the natural setting Pou Clar.  

Students of Requena will visit Sagunt on May 18. A local guide will explain them the details of the castle, the roman forum and theatre, the Jewish quarter and the Archaeological Museum.

On 1 June, the office of Massamagrell will visit Alpuente. This formative trip is entitled Tras las huellas de los dinosaurios: un paseo por el patrimonio paleontológico de Alpuente. It will be guided by the professors of the Universitat de València Carlos Martínez-Pérez (Department of Botany and Geology) and Emilio Barba (Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology). They will share their knowledge on the Palaeontology Museum of Alpuente, the Dinosaur Track Site of Corcolilla and the historical city centre of the town.

Students of Ontinyent will visit Aras de los Olmos on 15 and 16 June. They will spend the night there to take advantage of the Astronomical Observatory of the Universitat de València. It is a unique experience to contemplate and enjoy the dark sky, which has become one of the most difficult natural elements to find.