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De bèsties i bestioles

Costumed actors acting

Theatrical representation. Ontinyent

Theater in Ontinyent

University Theatre Festival 
‘De bèsties i bestioles’ 

By Sara Acàmer and Pep Sanchis. Performed by Ensayo - Theatre Group of the UV. Directed by Pep Sanchis.

The main characters of the stories are well-known animals. They are part of our lives and of our closest environments. In this work they are the ones who speak and explain their experiences, fears and hopes. We have dared to give them a voice and to imagine what they must think of these strange creatures that take everything, appropriate everything and transform everything for their own interests.

Colloquium every Wednesday with the companies when the function finishes

Tickets for the theater will be on sale for 5 euros at the box office and for 4 euros if purchased in advance at the Casa de Cultura and on the Caja Ontinyent website (https://www.caixaontinyent.es/va/venta-de-entradas/ontinyent)