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Chair for Agri-food Cooperatives

The Chair for Agri-food Cooperatives CAE-UV has a national scope and addresses the following fields of knowledge related to agri-food cooperatives: 

  • Taxation of cooperatives
  • Legal regime of cooperatives
  • Economic regime of cooperatives

The objective of the chair is to promote formative, cultural, researching and university activities that disseminate the legal, tax and economic regimes of Spanish agri-food cooperatives.

Regarding these issues, the Chair aims to:

  1. Promote basic research, development and applied research alongside researchers and prestigious legal and economic managers at national and international levels.
  2. Creating a forum for reflecting and disseminating knowledge on themes related to agri-food cooperatives counting on experts of the field.
  3. Stimulate research on topics that affect agri-food cooperatives conducted by national law and economics students and graduates in order to make them experts in the issue.
  4. Disseminate the phenomena of agri-food cooperatives as well as their particular legal, tax and economic regime among students, graduates, legal managers and other experts.


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