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The mention “International Doctor” may be included on the front page of the certificate of Doctor, provided that these circumstances concur:

  1. During the training period necessary for obtaining the qualification of Doctor, the doctoral student must have completed a minimum stay of three months at an institution of higher education or a renowned research centre, studying or conducting research works. Stays and activities shall be consigned by the director and authorised by the Academic Committee and will be added to the doctoral student’s activity document.
  2. Part of the thesis (at least the summary and conclusions) must have been written and presented in any of the standard languages for scientific communication in their field of knowledge, different from the official languages in Spain. This rule shall not apply where the stays, reports and experts come from a Spanish-speaking country.
  3. The thesis must have been informed by a minimum of two experts belonging to a non-Spanish institution of higher education or a research institute.
  4. At least one expert Doctor belonging to a non-Spanish institution of higher education or research centre and different from the responsible for the stay mentioned in the a) section must have been part of the Thesis Assessment Court.

The presentation of the thesis must be done in the doctoral student’s Spanish university or, in the case of joint doctoral programmes, in any of the participant universities or in the terms established by the collaboration agreements.