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This doctorate program is based on the lines of investigation related to the processes of internationalization of the economy, so much on the slope of the economic integration, the management of the international trade and the relative one to the governance of the destinations and the tourist management. It is based and studies in depth on the master's degree in ‘Economic Internationalization: Integration and International Business’ and ‘Tourist Management and Planning’ master’s degree.

Basic competencies:

  • Systematic comprehension of a field of study and mastery of the skills and methods of investigation related to the above mentioned field.
  • Capacity to conceive, to design or to create, to put into practice and to adopt a substantial process of investigation or creation.
  • Capacity to contribute to the enlargement of the borders of the knowledge across an original investigation.
  • Capacity to realize a critical analysis and of evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas.
  • Capacity to communicate with scientific and academic community and with the general society about their knowledge ambiences in the ways and languages of habitual use in its international scientific community.
  • Capacity to encourage the scientific, technological, social, artistic or cultural advance inside a society based on the knowledge in an academic and professional context.

Personal skills and competences:

  • To get on contexts with few information available.
  • To find the questions keys that it is necessary to answer to solve a complex problem.
  • To design, to create, to develop and to start innovative projects in its area of knowledge.
  • To work in teams independently in an international or multidisciplinary context.
  • To integrate knowledge, to face the complexity and to formulate judgments with limited information.
  • The criticism and intellectual defence of solutions.

General and specific competencies:

  • To show a systematic comprehension of human rights, the theories of the democracy and the international justice and the mastery of the skills and methods of investigation related to this area of knowledge.
  • To conceive, design, put into practice and to adopt a substantial investigation process seriously academic.
  • To realise a contribution through a original contribution that expand the barrier of knowledge to respond to human rights needs. It will be developed a substantial corpus, from which it deserves the indexed publication at national or international level.
  • To realise a critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas in human rights area.
  • To communicate with their colleagues, the academic community in its set and with the society in general as regards its to the topics study object.
  • To encourage, in academic and professional contexts, the technological, social or cultural progress inside a society based on the knowledge and on the respect to: a) the fundamental rights and of equal opportunity between men and women, b) the beginning of equal opportunity and universal accessibility of the people with disability and c) the proper values of a culture of peace and of democratic values. Analytic capacity to provide strategic advice to public and private organizations with regard to human rights, democracy and international justice. Capacity to evaluate the impact of the decisions, strategies and politics of the organizations public and deprived for the guarantee of the human rights and the democracy. Aptitude of self-criticism and capacity to use and to apply the TIC to the proper study ambience as well as to manage with rapidity and precision a complex set and diverse of information and documentary sources.