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Doctoral Programme Objective

The environmental pollution, of a chemical physical or biological nature, generates alterations within organisms and ecosystems, having consequences on their functioning. Humans are not unaware to this problem, as health is being affected by pollutants. The main objective of this doctoral programme is to provide specialised knowledge of the polluting processes both in the environment and in the living things that inhabit in to be able to deal with the research challenge that the environmental conservation pose and the professional demand that it requires. This programme also aims to direct the complementary and advanced information of the professionals who are interested in this problem and who come from different Degrees related to Experimental and/or Bio-sanitary sciences (Marine sciences, Environmental sciences, Biology, Physics, Pharmacy, Medicine, Chemistry, Geology, Veterinary, etc.) and to Engineering. The purpose is to make the interdisciplinary dialogue and the contact among graduates with different profiles easier in order to address the study of the ecological, eco-toxicological and bio-sanitary problems that are produced by humans in the natural environment. This training in the scientific, technological and social field will provide the necessary knowledges, skills and abilities for the professional activity and research in this field.