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Renewal of the agreement with the Generalitat for the co-financing of the Chair for the Transformation of the Economic Model

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  • December 11st, 2023
Façana Rectorat

The Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Government) and the Universitat de València have renewed the collaboration agreement in accordance with their common objectives and interests in the filed of the transformation of the economic model of the Valencian Community.

The objective of this agreement is to implement the subsidy of 40,000 euros given to the University from the Generalitat for the funding of activities of the Chair for the Transformation of the Economic Model for the current financial year. The ultimate goal of these activities is to promote knowledge and disseminate ideas related to the transformation of the current economic model of the region toward a more competitive model based on sustainability, innovation, knowledge and opening doors from an environmental, productive and social perspective.

The Chair for the Transformation of the Economic Model organises activities related to the study of the opportunities and potential of a circular economy in different sectors of the Valencian Community, as well as advocacy activities for the acquisition of knowledge and its dissemination in this field, the adoption of strategies for the sustainable use of water and the promotion of viable projects that incorporate the management of water resources from a circular economy perspective as a way of adapting to climate change.

With respect to the strategic lines established in the Action Plan for the Transformation of the Valencian Economic Model 2017-2027, the commitment of the Chair is cross-functional, encouraging the modern transformation of the Valencian productive structure (line 2) and in favour of environmental balance (line 10).

Specifically, the activities that will be peformed throughout 2023 can be categorised as follows:

  1. Training and university extension activities, as well as other cultural activities, to be agreed subsequently, related to the Chair and the Government Department.
  2. Research activities such as: 

     3.Outreach activities such as:

  • Publication on topics of interest in the field of the Network, as well as advertising success stories in the Valencian Community that reflect the reality of the transformation of the Valencian economic model.
  • Promotion of and participation in scientific, technical and artistic events.
  • Organisation of exhibitions and contests.
  • Conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Promotion, organisation and participation in national and international meetings of experts in the field of interest.
  • Permanent dissemination of information and results of the Chair’s activity through their webpage and social media profiles, as well as through the joint webpage and shared channel of the Chair Network.

Furthermore, any other activity established by the work programme of the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Chair.

To implement these actions, the Universitat de València has designated Francesc Hernández Sancho, Professor of Applied Economics from the Department of Economic Structure UV, as head of the Chair. The Chair’s team is comprised of research staff from the Water Economy Research Group (UV): Águeda Bellver Domingo, Lledó Castellet Viciano and Vicent Hernández Chover.