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Tot Explota

Tot Explota. Performing Arts Seminar. 26/03/2019. Centre Cultural La Nau. 19:30 h

Performing Arts Seminar. Centre Cultural La Nau

Performing Arts Seminar

Tot Explota

Federico López i Mora, professor of the Universitat de València
Carla Chillida, director of the work
Pepe Ruiz, author of the text

The Performing Arts Club of the UV, together with the Valencian Culture Institute, opens this academic year a “Permanent Performing Arts Seminar” in order to bring the students of the UV and the general public closer to the ongoing social, cultural and political discussions in Valencian stages. 

With the motto #identitat, the sessions of this year’s seminar are related to four plays that will be released in the Rialto theatre next season, 2018/2019. 

In theses sessions, professors of the UV, members of theatre companies.

Attendance is free