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The GENERAL FOUNDATION OF THE UNIVERSITAT DE VALÈNCIA, in agreement with article 7 of the Regulations, aims to cooperate to fulfil the goals of the Universitat de València. This is a task that is conducted following the management request of the Universitat de València, which develops by means of three main fields of action and their general services.

The experience and the knowledge of the sociocultural, educational, teaching and university cooperation environment, provide the General Foundation the necessary tools to become a link between the Universitat de València and the society, in terms of transference, dissemination, cultural democratization, education and solidarity.

Fields of action

  1. Culture and Education, which encompasses the Music Activities Unit (Philharmonic Orchestra of the Universitat de València, the University Choir of València, the Choir School of La Nau, the Coral Club of La Nau Gran and the Colla de Dolçaines) the Collection Martínez Guerricabeitia and the Exhibition (Plastic Arts), Cultural Heritage (programmes for cataloguing and restoring the heritage) Performing Arts (theatre), Alumni UV and the Cultural Volunteering (participation of the university and the citizenship), UV Gandia (Summer University of Gandia, master’s and courses), La Nau dels Xiquets i les Xiquetes and La Nau Jove, the Centre of European Documentation (information and documentation), Digital Library and the Project Futura.
  2. University Services, by UV Employment and UV Disability.
  3. Solidarity, which includes the Area of Cooperation (Chair UNESCO of Studies on the Development of the Universitat de València, awareness, grants, Programme 0'7% and InfoSud - Service of Information and Documentation) and the University Centre of the Diagnosis and Primary Healthcare (CUDAP).

General services

The General Services provide administrative, IT, legal and communication assistance to the three Areas of the General Foundation of the Universitat de València and several Universitat de València programmes and projects following the request of the academic institution.

The General Services of the General Foundation of the Universitat de València are:

  1. Administrative (Accounts and Taxes, Human Resources and Treasury): accountability and tax tasks, budgetary control, management of Staff and other functions.
  2. Marketing and Communication: designs and develops tasks of marketing, image, advertisement, communication, dissemination of activities and projects.
  3. IT: provides IT support to all the departments, programmes and areas of the General Foundation.
  4. Legal: Elaborates regulations and expresses its opinion on the civil, trade and administrative laws, as well as specific regulations of the foundational sector.

Establishment of the foundation

The General Foundation of the Universitat de València, registered in the Record of Foundation of the Valencian Community, was created by the Universitat de València in June 15, 1983, thanks to initial funds given by Joaquín Maldonado Almenar.

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